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When buying or selling a home, you may need a real estate appraiser to assess its value. If you're near Greenport, NY, the Hamptons, North Fork, and Fishers Island, then consider giving us a call. At Peconic Appraisals, we can provide you with reliable service. Trust us to give you the assistance you deserve. The benefits of getting an appraisal before purchasing a property include protecting yourself from buying an over-priced house and having an excellent negotiation source when dealing with the seller. Make the right decisions!
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Pricing your property accurately is imperative for getting its full price when selling it. Real estate agents who want a fast way out may tell you your property is worth less than it really is or over-state the property value to get you to sign an agreement with them. At Peconic Appraisals, we have no affiliations with realty firms, guaranteeing unbiased reports.

Pre-listing and pre-sale appraisals can be beneficial for realtors and investors alike. These property evaluations can be used to determine how much different homes are worth and can give you an idea of the market value of a specific area. This, in turn, lets you know how much the home should actually be sold for. At Peconic Appraisals, we can provide property appraisal services to help you accurately determine a home’s worth. We’ll carefully examine the property and then provide you with a report in a timely fashion.

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Talk to a real estate appraiser in Greenport, NY. If you want to work with a reliable appraisal company, then consider giving us a call. We are also familiar with the Hamptons, North Fork, and Fishers Island. Learn more about how we can assist you today.

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