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Divorces can be difficult—especially when you need to separate your assets. Getting a divorce appraisal can be beneficial; working with a certified appraiser can help you determine the value of your assets, making it easier to separate everything correctly. If you’re searching for a residential appraiser near Greenport, NY who is also familiar with the Hamptons, North Fork, and Fishers Island, then consider contacting us. At Peconic Appraisals, we can provide you with a home appraisal for your divorce. Consider calling today to learn more.
Work with a Certified Appraiser

We can provide you with a reliable divorce property appraisal, using our knowledge of the market to determine a fair value for your assets. In addition, if the appraisal is scheduled for a time after the divorce, we can provide you with retrospective appraisals to help you determine the property’s previous worth. We are honest, reliable, and ready to go above and beyond to assist with your needs.

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Divorce attorneys choose to partner with us because we are New York State Certified Real Estate Appraisers and offer discretion and confidentiality. If you’re searching for a building appraiser near Greenport, NY, to help with your divorce, then consider giving us a call. We also serve the residents of the Hamptons, Norfolk, and Fishers Island. Get in contact today to learn more.

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